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I Don’t Know Why I Homeschool

Yes, to my friends from years gone by, you read the title correctly…I am a homeschooling mom.  I know!  I am shocked too. Why am I homeschooling? That is a good question. Many families have a reason for their schooling choice.  Homeschool families have reasons for taking the nontraditional educational path. Parents who send their… Continue reading I Don’t Know Why I Homeschool

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Can’t Stop Me

“Mom, mom, do you hear me?”  “Yes, I hear you?” I must reply I am actively listening before he continues with the conversation. “Do you know what the devil doesn’t like? “What, Buddy?” “He doesn’t like when I tell others about Jesus.” He’s four.  Where does he learn this? “That’s right,” I reply.  “So the… Continue reading Can’t Stop Me