Fear · Kingdom

Where Moon Is?

“Dark outside. Where moon is? Moon, mama, moon?” he inquires with is sweet two year old voice.

Most evenings when we step outside to head to our next event, he searches the skies for the moon. He longs to see the bright, white light illuminate the dark. Some nights I can’t seem to find it. It moves you know. And I am moving too quickly to take notice of its steps. Some nights it is hiding behind the clouds and we wait and hope for the clouds to move and for the moon to peak out.

This year my word I thought I was to learn about was kingdom. I intended to read the Bible to learn more about God’s kingdom. I had a list of questions I wanted answered. However, I never turned to the pages that contained the answers. These questions remain unanswered for now. But I still believe kingdom was my word. My word to pray. Your kingdom come, you will be done on earth as in heaven. I found this to be my prayer, my plea as 2014 unfolded.

Then there was my attempt to memorize scripture. It’s a goal that is never fully attained. I have worked at it this year, but only one verse flows freely from my lips:

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it. John 1:5

I grabbed on to this verse at the beginning of the year and it has held my hand with each passing month. I have had need to see His light shining in the darkness that has seemed to have invaded these days.

The world erupts with violence, disease, and death. The smoke and ash cover the lands with darkness. Where is the light?

Evil kingdoms gather strength, power, and greater territory. Whose kingdom is coming? Russia’s? Isis’? The Mexican drug lords’? Ebola’s? Hamas’?

And just like my little boy who walks into the darkness and looks up for the light of the moon,  I walk in the darkness, without fear, looking for the light of the world. Looking for Jesus.

On really cloudy days, it may appear the light is hiding, but I know it’s still there because nothing can extinguish God’s light. Nothing can overcome it. So I keep looking, knowing it will break through.

And so I must declare for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven and remind myself to look up and look around to see His light shining in the darkness. Darkness can’t overcome the light. And no kingdom but God’s will prevail.

As I acknowledge the darkness, I find delight in the light. My two year old taught me this.

May I encourage you as you face whatever darkness may be invading your life to look for His light? He’s always on the move, so you may need to shift your gaze.