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I Don’t Know Why I Homeschool

Yes, to my friends from years gone by, you read the title correctly…I am a homeschooling mom.  I know!  I am shocked too.

Why am I homeschooling?

That is a good question.


Many families have a reason for their schooling choice.  Homeschool families have reasons for taking the nontraditional educational path. Parents who send their children to public schools have reasons for their decision.  But me… I am uncertain of my why.

I know of many wonderful reasons for kids to attend public school.  Honestly, I have grieved the many benefits of public schools my sons are missing.  Classmates, a music teacher, school lunches, the first and last day, recess with friends, and teachers of whom they will have fond memories.

While I can promote the benefits of public schools, I can see the weak areas and the problems with a public institution.

I know many important and beneficial reasons for homeschooling.  I have read the books and I have enjoyed many conversations with homeschooling proponents.  I agree with many of the endorsements. Then there are the negatives to homeschooling that are obvious to me daily as I educate my sons.

The decision was difficult because I could argue for and against both options.  Writing the pros and cons wasn’t going to direct my path clearly.

Thankfully, I know the One who does.

I sought the Lord.  Like really sought Him.  You know the story of the persistent widow and the unjust judge.  Yep, I was the widow.

However, I was not going before an unjust judge, rather a loving father who guides me with his still small voice or who will boldly shout which way I should go when I continuously ask for confirmation.  He clearly guided me down the homeschool road.

But I don’t know why?

In a world of motivational speakers and business plans, one can feel pressured to have a why, a reason for all they do.  Well, I don’t.  At least not in the goal-setting, vision board pinning sharing kind of way.

My reason, my why for homeschooling is because God said so.

Sometimes the Lord will tell us the why behind his requests.  He told Moses to return to Egypt for the reason of setting the Israelites free.  He told Jonah to go to Nineveh for the reason of sparing the lives of the Ninevites from coming destruction.  He told Jesus to go to Earth to rescue all men.

And yet, He tells others to walk in obedience without a reason.

For example, Phillip.

Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Go south to the road, the desert road, that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” So he started out…  Acts 8: 26-27

Imagine an angel giving you these instructions.  Once you get over the shock of an angel visitation, you may have some questions about this request.  Why?  Why do you want me to walk that desert road?  What will I say to people when they ask me where I am going?  How long do I have to walk?  Where am I going?

Yet, none of these questions are recorded in the Bible.  Instead we read that Phillip just started walking.  In faith and obedience he ventured south on a desert road because God said so.

Similar to Philip, I am heading south on a desert road not knowing what to expect, where I’m going and how long I will journey on this path.  Maybe you are too?  Has God asked you to “go” without a reason or further instructions?

May I encourage you to move out in faith and hope?

Philip did.  And you know what?  He found life on that barren road.

Waiting for Philip was an Ethiopian government official who desired to know more about Jesus.  Philip stopped and shared the good news of Jesus.  The Ethiopian became a Christ-follower and was baptized.

God is always at work.  He has a plan and a purpose for all that he asks you to do.  He doesn’t have to share the plan or purpose with you because, well, He’s God.  And maybe that is part of His plan to withhold some instruction to build your faith.

And so it is with homeschooling, I don’t know the reason for this journey, but I know and trust the one who does.