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Our Good Father

As I was thinking about what I should write for today I began to consider sharing Chris Tomlin’s song, “Good, Good Father.”  I questioned how this song fit the theme of fightin’ words. I don’t have these posts written out yet.  I write each day and ask the Holy Spirit to direct me.  This challenge… Continue reading Our Good Father

Kingdom · Love


On Valentine’s Day I spoke to a small group of women about love. What else does one speak about on this holiday? I selected Ephesians 3:14-19 as my text because I have prayed this prayer for people for years and I am in a season of praying it for myself. I taught about the need… Continue reading Grasping

Kingdom · Love

Toe Pick

Do you remember what 90’s movie is famous for the line, “toe pick?”   That’s right, The Cutting Edge.   Wasn’t it such a cute chick flick?  An unlikely pair, a from-the wrong-side-of-the-tracks-hockey player and a boarding-school-bred figure skater, come together as pairs ice skaters.  It makes for nice movie with a happy ending. This past month,… Continue reading Toe Pick