31 Days


Every October bloggers accept the challenge to blog every day during the month.  This year I have decided to join the challenge.  I am excited to see what God will do in the next 31 days in me and in the lives of my readers.

My topic for the next month will be 31 Days of Fighting Words!

Will you join me in declaring God’s word over the battles we encounter?

I believe His word will strengthen us to overcome the schemes of the enemy.

Day 1-Born a Fighter

Day 2-Take Up Your Sword

Day 3-A Slave to Fear-No More

Day 4-Hospital Room Warrior

Day 5-Our Good Father

Day 6-Fill Until Full

Day 7-Nothing is Impossible

Day 8-The Power in Us

Day 9-We, The Church, Believe

Day 10-Hypernikomen

Day 11-In ALL Things

Day 12-A Game of Ping Pong

Day 13-Who Wears the Victor’s Crown

Day 14-Weapon of Praise

Day 15-Strength For All Things

Day 16-A Time To Be Still

Day 17-Can’t Stop Me

Day 18-He Reigns Forever

Day 19-We Will Not Worry

Day 20-Who’s On Your Side

Day 21-Even If…